Employer Services
Employer Services

SAGAHealth’s team of experts help self-insured employers find the best PBM for their employer needs. Our services include:

  • PBM Services
  • Advanced analytics
Request for Proposal Review

Our team of experts will facilitate bids for your pharmacy benefits and provide a summary that highlights key distinctions between competitor bids. We will work hand in hand with you to review the findings and help you choose the PBM that best fits your organization's needs.

Pharmacy network contracting

Our team of experts will analyze your demographics and develop a recommendation on a limited pharmacy network for maximum savings.

Maximum allowable cost review and development

Our maximum allowable cost team will develop regular MAC lists for comparison to your PBM pricing. Drug price differences are then brought directly to your PBM for price appeals.

Discount card services

We provide discount card services for any 100% patient pay employee groups.

Rebate Services

SAGA Health acts as a rebate aggregator so you can carve out your rebates from your PBM contract to ensure you get the maximum rebate value for the plan.

We analyze your pharmacy data to ensure your PBM is meeting contract expectations. Features include:

  • Claim reconciliation to contract guarantees
  • Clinical and financial reporting

Email info@sagahealth.net for more information.