About Us
Some About Us

SAGAHealth was born from a group of like-minded health and pharmacy professionals who are passionate about reforming health care by focusing on the people and businesses that matter the most – YOU. Our team has pharmacy experts, PBM experts, and a wide array of clinical and administrative health care professionals. Whether you run a independent pharmacy or a small business, we are dedicated to helping you save costs and improve health care outcomes.

  • SAGA Services
  • SAGA Health Mission
  • Third party contract negotiation
  • Industry price benchmarking
  • MAC price management and appeal processing
  • Wholesaler rebate services
  • Predictive analytics
  • 340B services
  • Request for proposal expertise
  • Contract negotiation and performance measurement
  • Rebate management
  • Data analytics

SAGAHealth strives to level the playing field between independent pharmacies, small employers, and large corporate conglomerates. We use our expertise to help our clients save money and improve health outcomes.

Email info@sagahealth.net for more information.